Elemental Force – Handing over the reign

Elemental Force – Handing over the reign
January 7, 2019 breakitdown


Elemental Force which is a company created from dance, successfully ran youth dance development programs to a large number of young individuals across South Wales. It Focused consistently on the heart of it’s communities, and searching for those most in need!

This unique program named “The Get Fresh Project” helped hundreds of young people harness their own unique talents becoming fine young adults, as well as in some cases international high level dancers. 

Established January 2007 it not only run interactive high level ‘breakin’ development programs unique in its kind, but it also run international high level dance events specifically for the young people and the wider world dance community. 

Elemental Force certainly left its footprint on South Wales and continues to operate to this day, focused now on the professional side of the dance & entertainment business rather than youth dance development and mentoring. 

It’s founder and ambassador Jason Barker ‘Slammo” now offers his experience and support to Break It Down.

The Get Fresh just got Fresher! Stay tuned for a new project to be announced early 2019.